Angron was the first to arrive at McDonalds. In spite of being a fitness nut she was a regular here. As a demon she occasionally felt the urge to eat human flesh, and for some reason eating at McDonalds helped to quell that urge. Yeah . . .

As for Marian, she just had an extra long day at work and didn’t get to eat Dinner, so she arrived next, at which point she was surprised to see her dear friend Angron the bodybuilder at McDonald’s of all places. Angron’s attempts at writing it off as a cheat day were dashed when Jeffrey, the cashier, responded “but you come here all the time.” A quick demonic glare from Angron is enough to shut him up however. That is, until the next two players enter the room.

Kiran and Brynjar both spent the evening driving to this town, and both of them encountered horrible traffic caused by a pileup on the way here, which resulted in both of them missing dinner, which resulted in both of them independently getting out of their cars at the exact same time at the only restaurant in town still open at Midnight, the McDonalds. They stared at eachother suspiciously as they both walked to the door and opened it simultaneously.

Jeffrey was excited to see new people in town as he didn’t have many friends and he said as much. He made some complaint about having to go into the freezer for ingredients too often, but no one really cared to listen to him. Brynjar was more focused on Angron, for he could sense something unholy about this person. Kiran just didn’t care to listen to Jeffrey because that’s the sort of person he was.

An argument soon broke out, Brynjar arguing with Angron and Marian. I think it was actually about the obscene amount of chicken nuggets Angron was eating, but whatever the argument was nominally about, it only thinly veiled Brynjar’s true objection to the demon’s mere existence. Only Kiran abstained from the conflict, so only he heard a faint “pop!” off in the distance. But a few minutes later they all heard sirens go off in the distance!

Everyone rushed toward the scene, Kiran and Brynjar because they were here to investigate anything strange, the other two because their house and gym respectively were in that general direction.

Our heroes arrive to see the town hall on fire. There is a crowd of bystanders, some firefighters handling the situation, and one woman in a suit standing close to the fire, who drops to her knees, raisers her arms to the sky, and shouts “Goddammit Elon Musk!” referencing the fact that Musk has recently started commercially selling flamethrowers, “Oh wait, or is it the orb!?” she continues as she wheels around to face the Rockies, “it’s definitely one of those.” Given these circumstances Kiran is able to deduce that this woman is the mayor. Kiran approaches her and she likewise realizes who he is. She’s very happy to see he’s here, and she immediately puts her confidence in him. She explains that she was working late here at Town Hall, as she is often the only one to do so, when her wall suddenly burst into flames. Kiran sets to investigating, going into the Mayor’s office to find a mess of strange magical and pop-culture trinkets occupying the room, except for the recently burnt wall. Specifically there are superfluous quantities of Dream-Catchers and Funko Pop figures. Kiran even has the audacity to look at the mayor’s papers. He sees lots of papers related to spending on the town, as well as the mayor’s personal account of copious wealth, which comes as a relief to him as it helps to ensure he’ll be paid. He doesn’t find any actual clues though.

While Kiran is doing all of this, the rest of the players get into a fight. As soon as Angron first approaches the flaming building, Brynjar attempts to dissuade the demon, “You’ve confirmed you’re gym is fine. why don’t you just go home. This isn’t your problem.”

“And it is your problem?” Angron questions, “you don’t even live in this town. I don’t know who you are, or why you’re here, so don’t tell me what to do.”

Marian attempts to placate them, “Now I know this is a strange situation, and I honestly don’t know why we’re getting involved, but I think we all want the same thing here.”

While Marian is talking Angron attempts to move towards the scene again, but Brynjar pushes Marian out of the way to reach out and stop Angron. Seeing this random belligerent biker use force against Marian sets Angron off. He attacks Brynjar and they get into a fist fight, doing no real harm to eachother before Mayor Enea steps in, “Calm down citizens calm down, … though I don’t actually know who you are, and I know everyone in my town.” Marian and Angron complain about the mayor, who they dislike, but ultimately over a short conversation the mayor gets a hint as to what these three are doing here, and she gives a hint right back that they should help her mercenary find out who did this and catch them. By this time Kiran has come back outside and is examining where the fire was started from. He finds scorch marksĀ  in a line leading to the burnt side of the building, and large but barely visible soot footprints leading away from the scene.

And at the mayor’s direction, the party is ready to track down this supernatural arsonist.